Extension & Hand-Cut Roof by Builders in Newbury
Traditional Extension by Builders in Newbury
Extension by Builders in Newbury


When it comes to extending your home, there are a number of options available to you.

We can do both single and double-storey extensions here at PBM. Single storey-extensions are often located at the side or back of your existing home. Common extensions include kitchen extensions, or extensions off of your living areas such as sunrooms or conservatorys. Perhaps you are looking to extend on the side of your house to add an extra room for a study or gym.

Double-storey extensions may include any of those listed in single-storey’s, plus extra bedroom, study or bathroom spaces above it.

Precision Building Maintenance can carry out all the work required to add an extension to your home, so please contact us to discuss your ideas in more detail. Call us on 07973 263977, or email us at pbmbuilding@aol.com.