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Kitchen by Builders in Newbury


Is your kitchen in need of refurbishment? Is it old and outdated and in need of modernising? Do you think a new layout would improve your experience in your kitchen?

We can strip out your old kitchen and fit all new units for you. We can change the layout of your kitchen to suit you, including moving windows and doors if necessary. We also know plumbers and electricians that we work with directly and can bring in to carry out any necessary work.

Our kitchen refurbishment services include:
– Removing your existing kitchen
– Fitting your new kitchen
– Moving or blocking up windows & doors
– Tiling
– Flooring
– Plastering
– Carpentry

When it comes to updating your bathroom, we can offer the services that will modernise the look and feel of your bathroom. We work directly with plumbers that we can bring in to cover the plumbing work if you are looking to completely change your bathroom.

Get in touch with us at PBM if you’re looking to bring your kitchen and bathroom dreams to life! Call us on 07973 263977, or email us at